R City Mall, Ghatkopar, Mumbai


R City Mall in Ghatkopar, a suburb in North Central Mumbai is a must visit.

A visit in the weekend provides a rare glimpse Of the Mumbai you may not be otherwise able to see and know.

The mall is spread out over 3 levels and is home to several desi and international brands.

Shoppers stop. Westend are the prominent desi apparel chains.

You can also dine at Indian food chains serving South Indian , Punjabi or Gujarati Thali..jostling for space is Rajdhani…Manchestrer United Cafe , KFC, Moshe, TGIF, Zaffran, Urban Tadka, Momos, Food courts etc.

Children will be thrilled with Ice Skating, ride in the toy train, Jumping Jack etc.

Big Cinema multiplex with 7 screens to catchup with the latest movies.

Latest to find home in R City is Kidzania!

KidZania Mumbai will be the 14th operational centre of KidZania in the world as India joins countries like Chile, Indonesia, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Portugal, South Korea, Thailand and United Arab Emirates.

The indoor park, on the 3rd floor of R City Mall, Ghatkopar West, is a city built to scale for children, complete with paved roads and cars, city buildings, recognisable establishments and a functioning economy. It features 60-plus real-world establishments (Bank, University, Fire Dept, Radio Station and many more) and 80-plus role-playing options (Pilot, Surgeon, Fashion Designer) to help children develop real life skills.

Unique to KidZania Mumbai, children can also experience one-of-a-kind establishments like the Bollywood Acting Academy, Pottery Studio, KalaShetra Art (Culture Club) and Dabbawala (boxed Lunch Delivery service).


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