Life of the Dead -Tombstone History in Glasnevin, Dublin

Call me quirky if you wish as I have a strange fascination to visit graveyards where and when possible , though I am yet to go to one after dark.

Happened to see one while sitting on the upper deck of the Dublin city bus and immediately got down at the next stop to walk back to the cemetery.

Glasnevin turned out to be a cemetery and not a graveyard and  I learnt, is Ireland’s largest and most important burial site and houses the tombstone’s of the who’s who of Irish history over the last 150 years.

It’s spread across about 100 odd acres and looking at the graves gave a sense of the times the buried lived .

Some of the monuments were austere,simple high stone structures, some very elaborate celtic crosses and some were done with Italian marbles.

Check out some of the pics..

.DSC05673 DSC05674 DSC05675 DSC05676 DSC05678 DSC05679 DSC05682 DSC05683 DSC05684 DSC05686

DSC05680 DSC05685



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