View from the Bull Wall- Clontarf, Dublin

It didn’t take me more than a few hours to realise the B&B  I was staying during my stay in Dublin was close to a fabulous promenade and the Bull Wall walk.

Everytime I went to the bus stop to board the 130 for the ride to the city would take me past the runners, walkers and cyclists enjoying their way in the Promenade.


Late evening around 8pm with the summer daylight starting to fade, I walked across the uneven bridge towards Bull Wall island.

The bridge itself is just wide for two cars to pass and then take the culvert on to the grassland road to park at the golf area.




The tide was furiously hitting the walls on both the sides of the bridge and I covered the    4 mile walk at a brisk pace.


I could see at a distance a cruiseliner and a cargo ship pulled out of the Dublin Port within a few minutes of each other and disappeared in the far horizon.

At Realt na mara , a photographer was busy angling his DSLR for the bird shoots. He seemed to be in no hurry and was patient to get his best shots. Little Egrets in the sea picking their bites before the Sun went down.



I started back slowly watching the setting Sun and the last of the cyclists returning back home.



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