Flight to Newark-US trip

I went to the US solo late last year and here I am writing about this from memory after 11 months.

I was keen to travel non stop from Mumbai to Newark(IATA EWR) and chose to fly JetAirways as the fares were cheaper than United by about 20%.

The non stop turned out to have a technical stop in Brussels for 2 hrs and a change of flight and a  security clearance . My non stop flight expectations just flew out of the airport!

Disembarking on a cold morning in Brussels, bleary eyed ’cause of inflight drinks ,food and insufficient sleep, decided to make the most of this unexpected -by -me halt.

I did the rounds of the DFS  , checked out the famed Belgian chocolates and planned to buy on my return as it was going to be the same nonstop flight halt at Brussels.

DSC02984 DSC02987 DSC02988 DSC02990

After boarding the code sharing flight en-route to Newark, a quick breakfast and then took a nap. By the time  woke up, my flight was over the city.

DSC02975 DSC02977

Excited my trip to US has begun!


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