Newark to Manhattan

My flight landed around the expected time, it was about 12 noon NY time. Had buffered an hour for security and passport control , I never carry luggage that would require it to be checked , so with my backpack made it to the coach counter in 45 minutes.

The Super Shuttle is a shared Van service with doorstep delivery and they have a counter close to the exit gates. I had tried to book this online prior to my travel but somehow could not make the payment with my credit card, maybe the merchant code was blocked for booking from India?  With not many pax waiting , I was assigned a Van in about 15 minutes with 5 others going into Manhattan. The fare was flat US21 , the driver had a GPS POS terminal but my travel card did not connect , so I paid cash and a $2 tip.

We quickly crossed the Holland tunnel which connects NJ with Manhattan , saw the Times Square passing and in about 45 minutes reached Hostelling International where I would be staying for the next 1 week.

DSC02995DSC02996DSC03007 DSC03006 DSC03019


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