Selamat Datang

Indonesian flight paths are generally turbulent and my flight to Jakarta was also rough. After a couple of hard knocks, the flight journey got better and landed at the Soekarno-Hatta International airport(IATA:CGK).

Travelling by the TransJakarta bus through the dedicated busway , A/C and a good WiFi got me to believe the city was making an honest effort to give a better transportation system to its citizens. Looking at the traffic on the other lanes it was clear to me options like this bus was the best way to see Jakarta.

With a population of over 12mn , Jakarta is a contrast of many things as is in any large Asian city. Teeming with people everywhere, people migrating from other parts of Indonesia for work, just about anytime you can see people hanging out on the streets doing nothing. South Jakarta is the complete opposite of the North . Here you see better & wider roads, well maintained residential blocks, clubs etal.

Jakarta is certainly not in the ususal tourist radar and there are very few foreigners outside of the Asian circuit. The reasons are not difficult to understand. But for the traveller looking for an offbeat destination, Jakarta will positively surprise and deliver.

Checkout some of the pics and decide!DSC00061





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