Life Blooms here

I found it incredibly hard to stop walking as the road was meandering through unbelievably lush and green coffee estates with tall teaks and silver oaks, made even greener by the creeping pepper vines. As a Kodagu poet wrote ,she lived here to hear the wild beautiful hills, streams and the dense forests.

Picture 140

The Kodavas, hundreds of years  back  decided to stop and make their home in the rugged hills of the Kodagu, or Coorg as it is now known. Over the centuries, the wild hills hid the little region from the eyes of the world, offering the people protection and the freedom to roam the dense and dangerous forests they loved and respected as their home. They named the trees, shrubs, creepers and medicinal herbs, and learned how to use each one of them. These rustic mountain people, their extraordinary way of life, and the exhilarating beauty and mystery of their land can all be seen in every corner of Coorg.

Picture 065

Returning from a Coorg holiday is not easy and I was forever living the Coorgi way of life in my mind. The quiet laidback relaxing ambience and the slow paced life in the picturesque surroundings is enough to keep going to Coorg.

Very early in the morning , walking through the misty rugged paths amongst the pepper vines supported by tall trees I went visiting one of the many  coffee plantation.

The fresh air, captivating sounds of nature and acres after acres of coffee and spice was enough to refresh my senses.

Through this post I will try to introduce you to Coorg ,India.

Picture 105
Picture 121
Picture 131
Picture 141



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