An afternoon in Jonker Street

I was intrigued when I saw a food stall selling skewered quail eggs. I had seen this in Jakarta before where baked quail eggs were being eaten, but skewered in thin sticks was a new thing. Quite a few people were also waiting for their turns and guess this was a popular outlet.


I was not really surprised that Jonker street was crowded even on  a hot humid afternoon. I was told weekends are particulary bad when a lot of island hoppers from KL and Singapore drop by for their shopping, sightseeing  and eating.

I too had taken the morning bus from KualaLumpur just for a lark with not much expectations. I was keen to checkout one of Unesco’s world heritage sites and that’s about why I reached Melaka.

The city has lots of Dutch and Portuguese influence , one can see this even in the architecture here. The main city has cobblestone lined pavements and numerous European looking buildings.


Once inside the China town , the character of the city changed . I could feel the vibrancy here, lot more people thronging the small lanes, the houses seemed to be from another century, colorful, bright, old businesses co-existing with local eateries, small houses, everywhere you could see people buying art, souvenirs, trinkets, antiques lined across quaint shops, somehow there was an eclectic mix of lots of culture in the entire area.


To experience this, one must walk across the many parallel small roads. The street named Jonker walk had a number of art galleries. Another street named Millionaire’s row reminded me of the millionaire’s row houses tour in Miami, this was ofcourse a very small lane with with very old, big houses.


By evening a lot more stalls started opening. Some of them were displaying antique copper coins, local and ethnic traditional food, wooden clogs and ornamental jewellery. Haggling for the right price seems to be the done thing and some of the buyers seem to be adept at this.

After spending the full day walking here and trying to absorb a little of Melaka, I decided to return back to KL.

Checkout some of the pics and see this charming city.



DSC02417 DSC02423







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