Feels Great ! Nominated for the Liebster Blog Award!


Whoa! Feels great to be nominated for the Liebster Blog Award!

Seriously! Started this blog just to share my travel adventures and a certain passion to reach out to many places I can only imagine for now, but a sure shot way to see the world through fellow bloggers like you. I spend more time reading about interesting places and offbeat locations than writing now..Sometimes you guys inspire me to open my digital albums to hunt out interesting things to share..

Big Thanks for the nomination

Let me just give you the background of this award..Liebster Blog Awards was started in Germany to give bloggers a round of applause, recognition for their work and a platform for fellow bloggers to appreciate the work of others. Now when I have received this award from this community, I need to pass this baton as per the rules governing this award.

So what are these rules?

  1. You must nominate 5 bloggers who have less than 300 followers and letting them know this by commenting on one of their posts. You can also reciprocate by nominating the blogger who has nominated you!
  2. Answer the set of questions asked and also ask 11 questions to the bloggers you have nominated.

Simple, isn’t it?

Now its my turn to nominate..here’s my list of fav bloggers not in any particular order..

stephaniec2 A blog about things Great pics and stories that transports me to the destination magically. Keep writing!

Lucy and Marty http://justourpassports.com/blog/  Lots of pics and detailed posts. Philly posts were superb. Keep posting!

Bec http://mybloggableday.com/ the swamp blog took me straight into the jungle..Great Pics!

https://adayawaytravel.wordpress.com/ Ocean city felt great.

https://pilankar.wordpress.com/ Love the Indian flavour!

Nandini http://goanwiki.com/ its a treat to look at the food pics..wonderful and yummy!

Looking forward to you guys passing it on!

Let me now attempt to answer the questions asked by Stephaniec2.

  1. What was the best post that you feel you have ever written? Not by likes or views the one you wrote and thought ‘wow’ that is a great piece of writing.    Answer: Think my best is yet to be written..many more journeys to be shared..

2. What is the best piece of advice you would like to pass onto fellow bloggers                        like yourself to grow and develop their own blogs? Answer: Make an honest attempt to pen your thoughts and keep it fresh

3. Where are you going to travel to next? Answer: Planning is not my forte..it just happens.

4.What are your top 3 essentials that you can’t travel without? (Passport,laptop and phone excluded). Answer: Camera , Chargers and my Cap are my essentials.

5.If I asked you where I should go on my next travel adventure what would you recommend and why? Answer: Go where your heart takes you and not follow anybody’s recommendation.

6.Where in the world have you eaten your best meal? Answer: I have been partial to street foods and consider Mumbai, India and Jakarta, Indonesia to have the best food I like.

7.Whats the best travel advice that you can give other travelers? Answer: Travel Light and look forward to surprises.

8.What are you doing when you are not traveling or blogging? Answer: Reading others travel blogs.

9.What’s your ideal blogging space like? Answer: On my study table with coffee.

10.What inspires you to write your blog? Answers: Its my way of thanking the blogger community for sharing their experiences.

11.Where is the world have you visited that you will go back to for sure? Answer: S.E.Asia is fascinating and would love to visit there more.

Hope these answers give you some insights to my posts.

Now fellow bloggers, its your turn to answer:

  1. Do you consider yourself to be a tourist or a traveller?
  2. What is your preferred way to relax in your holiday?
  3. Are you a solo traveller or like to travel with friends and family?
  4. How do you prefer to travel in the destination, is public transport your mode of choice?
  5. Have you ever been intimidated by locals and how have you dealt in such a situation?
  6. If you have to choose between stay in a city and countryside, what would you prefer?
  7. If you have to choose between a Hostel and a Bed n Breakfast Inn, what would you prefer?
  8. Where do you prefer to have your meals? Street food or fine dine restaurants?
  9. Are you a backpacker or spend money on top of the line hotels and travel business class on long haul flights?
  10. How has travel changed you, if at all?

Wish you all a great Journey of Life and Keep Sharing!


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