A day amongst the Luo Ho shoppers

Tai gui le ! When I told this to the young lady who was trying to sell the sunglasses with the RayBan stamp, she smiled and said “For you only 150. Cheap.” I bought it anyway and moved on.

Every shop had an array of merchandise stacked and anything that you ask for is quickly retrieved. The owner or sales hand would be glibly mouthing standard phrases and I could hear “Original” and “Cheap” in every shop.

Luo Ho shopping centre is where busloads of tourists are brought by the tour operators to ostensibly show you Shenzhen in a day..and for a good reason. Spread over six floors, one can buy anything from mens, womens and childrens fashion, electronics, toys, curios, watches, jewellery, craft and almost everything with a top brand imprinted or stamped. The people selling these and the touts that stand outside are persistent and will test your patience if you are not in a mood to buy.

You will see every floor packed with sellers squeezed into small cubicle style shops selling a diverse variety of goods, ranging from electronics to fabrics by the meter. The staff at the stores are hungry to sell and wont let anybody past, especially foreigners, without trying to get your attention and notice what they have to offer.

Many of the staff speak English, or at least enough to be able to sell their wares. If you don’t speak Chinese you shouldn’t be worried, although knowing a little lingo will disarm them to smile and offer a good deal.

After a short stroll around dropped into one of the smaller restaurants and had some good dimsums. Shopping and food make a good combo activity ,atleast you do not need to haggle over the food prices.





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