Eat Street-Maxwell Singapore

There were about twenty odd people queuing outside Tian Tian, some of them tourists and others mostly looked locals from nearby work areas ready for their lunch serving.

There were queues in some of the other stalls also but it was easy to understand the popularity of Hainanese chicken rice in Singapore…and when Tian Tian being voted as serving the best chicken rice by none other than Anthony Bourdain, I decided to join the queue.

Most days Singapore is hot and humid and Maxwell Hawking centre is not air-conditioned. Waiting for my turn in the sultry weather, taking in the noise ,steam and the aroma of food made the wait bearable.

Looking around I could see the Singaporeans love food and Maxwell is just one amongst the several hawker centres spread across the city. There must be around 200 stalls in this huge enclosed structure . There are numbered food joints serving Singaporean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai, Japanese and even Indian Biryani.

Check out some of the pics of this always busy place.






To Reach: Take the MRT and exit either at either at Raffles Place or Chinatown or Outram Park or Tanjong Pagar.
Tanjong Pagar is the closest and walk for a few minutes on the Maxwell street to Maxwell Food Court.


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