Step it up to Henderson Waves!

Standing 118ft above Henderson road I could see below tiny buses and cars moving along the road. The green foliage of the forest and park area had shielded virtually every man made structure around, some of the tall buildings managed to show themselves though,maybe trying to still score a point for balance.


At this early hour on a weekday, a solitude walk with no one around within a five km radius was exhilarating. The bridge is designed uniquely resembling seven waves rising up and down the deck.



The bridge was made to connect Mt.Faber and Telok Blangah Hill Park a few years ago, the walk is about 1/2 a km and feels like a board walk.

It had started to drizzle a little and I started to walk towards the Mt.Faber park.


From here I could take in a panaromic view of the city, the dense CBD and a rainforest that was slowly opening up through the haze.



Walking through the lush jungle canopy and for a while sitting on the many benches felt great.

A little ahead out of the clearing, I was surprised to see the Sentosa cable car station. I was not aware of this ride to the Sentosa resort island. Think not many people take a ride on one of the many cars gliding through the mountains, I didn’t.



I must have spent about 3 hours of the morning and enjoyed the quiet, fresh air and the lush green environment.


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