Flight of the Pigeons

The cooing feathered flock has been replaced with the two legged odd shaped street dancers! Unlike the Pigeons who were quietly moving around the Trafalgar square fountain, this tribe of street dancers make their presence felt with loud music and their jumping jack behaviour, fusion dance as we call them. The affectionate children playing and feeding grains to the loved Pigeons are replaced with adults and their active cameras. At the end of the show, caps of the dancers go around collecting show money, the pigeons just go around fluttering their displaying their happiness to us having fed them.



Trafalgar Square is just not the same anymore and how can it be when peace is sought to be replaced with cleanliness.


Is there any reason to sit on the benches to look at the modern cacophony of street transport belching out invisible pollutants and tourists pointing out with their cameras?




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