Graham Street Market ..Almost going..what’s left will be a page in history.

Hong Kong real estate prices were always known to be amongst the highest in the world and with the Govt. looking to develop more, the Graham street market and the adjoining markets were just biding their time.

The markets here have withstood several historical showdowns including world wars and foreign occupation for the last 170 years, the obituary of demolishing and relocating the shops are being written for the last 10 years, will it survive long?

Right in the heart of Central, next to the mid level escalators, Graham Street market will be missed by locals and tourists alike, the Chinese and expats consider this their lifeline. The three cross streets are home to many fresh vegetable, fruits, meat, dry seafood vendors and over 18 green tin stalls across three streets, Graham, Gage and Peel.

The Urban Renewal Authority will turn the area into two residential blocks, one office building, and one hotel.

Initially, the authority was to progressively clear away the area and build a two-story wet market elsewhere to rehouse the market vendors. Unfortunately, the new market proposed will only be able to accommodate half the existing shops. Many of the market vendors also can’t afford the higher rental rates offered by the Urban Renewal Authority at the new market.

Until then, you can still enjoy the most atmospheric market in Hong Kong, with dozens of vendors lining the narrow streets just uphill from the Central office district.

Keep your eye out for the many dry goods stores behind the market stalls, including the excellent Kowloon Soy Company (9 Graham St.), which makes its own cooking sauces. Yiu Fat Seafoods (13 Gage St.) is renowned for having the best seafood in Central.

As a bonus for those who struggle with Cantonese, Graham Street is by far the most English friendly of all the traditional street markets, with many English signs and bilingual vendors.

I hope to go there again before it disappears. Till then check out some of the pics and record it in your travel history.













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