Here Graffiti is legal…seen my spray paint anywhere?

The transformation of Wynwood from a ghetto slum to to a fabulous art neighbourhood seems complete. A few years back this warehouse district with low income houses would have deterred the tourists from coming here , now with the Art Basel event being held yearly , graffiti artists are looked upon with respect.

Wynwood walls has re-vitalized this downtown Miami place. Now its an outdoor mural permanent exhibit featuring some of the worlds most renowned street artists.

It’s hard to imagine that there’s more to Miami than sun-drenched beaches and early-morning nightclub escapades, but beyond the glitz and glamour of this city sits a newly minted, colorful neighborhood where art admirers come to frolic, Wynwood. What was once a warehouse district full of decrepit-looking buildings is now a mecca for artists to showcase their large-scale works, which you can gawk over at your leisure. And one of the most visually stunning pieces can be found in the heart of the district at the Wynwood Walls.

A casual walk here to see life-sized murals of the Dalai Lama ,colorful drawings that are nearly imposible to decipher, Wynwood Walls feature a constantly rotating mixture of artists and their highly regarded creations. With over 70 galleries, museums and art collection, an entire day needs to be marked for taking in all of this.

Checkout some of the walls here!






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