Sound of the Wind

A stroll through the Clontarf promenade became a daily routine to take in this beautiful and spectacular views south to Dublin Bay and the Wicklow mountains; east to the infinite possibilities of the Irish Sea and west to the City Centre.


Its just a  3km stretch running from the bottom of the Alfie Byrne Road up to the Wooden Bridge but the place remains etched in my memory .The promenade offered a  spectacular views across the Dublin Bay.


The pedestrian pathway that runs along the sea wall was perfect for a stroll . It was raining a bit and starting to get cold .


At most times I saw the joggers using the pathway or they just choose the softer terrain of the grassed area of the promenade, focused on their ride, trying to cut through the howling wind.

I couldn’t stop gazing at the infinite bay and the ships sailing far away in the horizon, as if they were saying I can’t change the direction of the wind,but can adjust my sails to reach my destination.






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