Towards Gandhi-Saurashtra Mail to Rajkot

The taxi driver was quick and knew the road well and the 6 miles from Udvada to Vapi was covered in 30 minutes. I had booked the night train out of Vapi headed to Junagadh and was pretty much excited at the thought of travelling by train at night.


The Saurashtra mail left Vapi a few minutes after 11pm and I settled in my sleeper berth for a good sleep. Now and then I was woken by the tea sellers in the many halts and at every alternate station halt I got down to have a piping hot tea.

tea vendor.jpg

The train was scheduled to reach Rajkot at 10am where I had to change trains to Porbandar , the destination I was headed to. An hour before Rajkot came the clamour of vendors selling breakfast items.


I had the Dhoklas for breakfast, a local snack item. Gujarati cuisine is unlike any other Indian cuisine and Gujarat is the only vegetarian state in India. Majority of Gujaratis of are staunch vegetarians.

Geographically Gujarat can be divided into four regions North Gujarat, Kathiawad, Kutch, and South Gujarat.  There are slight variations in eating habits and modes of preparation, because of  the climactic and cultural differences. Certain ingredients like yoghurt, buttermilk, coconut, groundnut, sesame seeds, lime juice, sugar etc. are very common in Gujarati food. Most of the food is sweet but there is a hint of variation in the cuisine and Rajkot being in the heart of Saurashtra, the dhoklas felt oily and spicy.

rajkot st

A little after 10am , I alighted at Rajkot station. The Porbandar express was scheduled to depart at 12.30pm and as such I had a couple of hours to spare.

The city with narrow roads and full of traffic was a sight itself, very commercial with plenty of shops, restaurants, street food and people everywhere.

raj street1

raj stret2

raj street3

Finally it was time to come back to the station for my train to Porbandar.



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