A day in Sisters Island Singapore

Legend has that a very long time ago, there were two sisters named Minah and Lina, who were inseparable.

One day, a pirate came along and sought younger sister Lina’s hand in marriage, but she rejected him as she did not want to be away from Minah. The pirate then kidnapped Lina and brought her onto his boat.

In a desperate attempt to save her younger sister, Minah jumped into the water and swam after the boat, but soon started drowning. Upon seeing this, Lina freed herself from the pirate and jumped into the water to save her sister. But a large wave engulfed them and everyone died.

When the storm subsided, the sisters were gone, but two islands emerged at the spot they had perished.

Big Sister’s Island, also known as Pulau Subar Laut (3.9ha), and Little Sister’s Island, otherwise known as Pulau Subar Darat (1.7ha), are now collectively called the Sisters’ Islands.

It is said that every year on the day the islands were formed, there would be heavy rain and thunderstorms.


Singapore Island Cruise provides a private charter service from Marina South Pier to the Sisters’ Islands.

A two-way trip would cost $400 for a boat that can sit up to 12 people, for one day. An average boat ride to the island takes 40 minutes.

Once there, you can swim and snorkel around the lagoons and reefs.

Camping is also possible, but do remember to apply for a permit.




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