A day of Fun in Kusu Island


Need a quick escape but don’t want to fork out too much? Jump into a boat and spend the day at Kusu Island! Kusum about 40 minutes away from Singapore, is one of the 63 islands that belong to Singapore.

Legends state that Kusu island came about because two sailors were saved from a vicious storm by a magical giant tortoise which transformed itself into Kusu Island.

On Kusu island you will also find three holy shrines (kramats) of Malay saints. The shrines can be reached by climbing 152 steps. Many devotees head to the kramats to pray for good marriage, good health and harmony. The shrines are also popular with childless couples who pray for children.

The island which you can walk from end to the next in 20 minutes also has a Chinese Da Bo Gong (God Of Prosperity) Temple, built in 1923 and a turtle sanctuary, which the kids will love.

The blue lagoons, the relaxed atmosphere and the glorious beaches make it the ideal place to spend some good times with friends or family.




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