Walk up the Mount Faber Peak

Once again I decided to walk up the Faber hill. Starting from the foot of Mount Faber on Telok Blangah Road, we started to hike up its narrow eponymous road past Faber Lodge, the hill’s lofty red-brick condos. Evening time the walk up is not as difficult and we reached the halfway mark of Singapore’s third highest hill in 45 minutes.


We were rewarded with a panaromic view of the tankers and cargo ships dotting the glinting waters of Keppel Harbour as well as Sentosa.


We then Continue walking up the slope to Faber Point. Under the summit’s platform is a series of copper-tooled murals, each a snapshot of Singapore’s history from the 14th century to the present. We circled around the platform for a crash course on Sang Nila Utama’s encounter with the singa (lion), Raffles founding Singapore and its port, World War II, and their steady ascent to independence. The last stretch showcases Singapore’s strengths, such as cultural diversity and booming industries. Even if you’re not a history buff, or particularly patriotic, the dedicated handiwork makes these worth a pitstop.


The walk down Singapore’s past ends at a short, winding staircase up to the pinnacle of Mount Faber. The peak offered a bird’s-eye view of Singapore’s fast-changing skyline, surrounding islands and neighbouring countries’ shores. Faber Point is like a compass – arrows radiate from its centre, pointing the way to places of interest, including the Botanic Gardens, and other Asian nations including the Philippines. A 3m-tall Merlion replica also stands here for tourists and snaphappy locals to strike a pose with.


From here, we went to the Henderson Waves in time for Sunset.

An evening on the Henderson Waves


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