@Aberdeen fishing village

The sight from  the Aberdeen promenade is rows upon rows of the old-fashioned junks and sampans, some house boats where the fishermen and their families still live, all going on their daily routines, which now include mobile phones and satellite dishes.

It is a very picturesque scene, with the unexpected touch of modernity right and left. The high-rises framing the harbour and the ultra-modern yacths moored not far away complete this picture of contrasts.


The Aberdeen  promenade that runs along the coast has been newly renovated, here there were some nice areas to just sit and people watch, or stroll and watch all the action.


At one end of the promenade is the dried and fresh sea food market.

Aberdeen Sampan Rides leave from the docks along the Promenade. The Sampan Ride was through the the floating villages, the house boats are inhabited and contain all of modern life ammenities including washers, stoves, satellite dishes… some people even plant little roof top gardens.

To reach:

There is no MTR service for Aberdeen at the moment. Getting to Aberdeen is easy with Bus 70 from Exchange Square. Take the Hong Kong Station MTR Exit D to get to Exchange Square Bus Terminal, Bus 70 will bring you to the Aberdeen promenade.



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