Bus to Stanley HongKong

Stanley is very different to other parts of Hong Kong, or completely different from what you think about Hong Kong. Stanley, located at the southern of Hong Kong island, is much more relaxed with beaches, hills and coves.


The view from the top of the double decker bus changed after it crossed Ocean Park. We could see the beach , Repulse Bay, the long Shoreline , the little small cluster of islands, boats and the mountains towering over the skyline.


This is the most scenic bus ride in HK and we alighted at the Stanley village market stop.






The market is a daytime one and covered, many shops are airconditioned and the atmosphere is certainly less chaotic compared to the Ladies Market in Mong Kok.



After checking out a couple of shops ,we walked towards the promenade and the waterfront.


The boardwalk is lined with trees and benches and is the location for Stanley Waterfront Mart with a small number of souvenir shops, bars and cafe’s.


To Reach Stanley, there is no MTR service to the southern part of the island but getting to Stanley Market take bus 6, 6A, 6X, or 260 from Exchange Square Bus Terminus. Bus 6 is more scenic.

Top of the Bus in HongKong


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