Street Food in Central Hong Kong

Central has its fair share of epic eats as well. First up is Lan Fong Yuen, a small stand at 2 Gage Street that is home to the city’s best Hong Kong-style milk tea.

Nearby, on Gough Street, Kau Kee Restaurant has been serving beef brisket and beef brisket only for the past 40 years. It’s a one-man show and apparently the chef has never seen the need to expand his menu as there’s a lineup almost every day.

Across the street from Kau Kee is a hugely popular breakfast and lunch spot called Sing Heung Yuen. This classic dai pai dong sits underneath a tarp on Mei Lun Street and has a pretty unique history. At the turn of the 20th century when Dr Sun Yat Sen was living in colonial-era Hong Kong and plotting the overthrow of Imperial China he would meet with his co-conspirators at the restaurant for secret meetings, all the while dodging the imperial assassins who had flooded the city in search of him. Back in present times not much has changed at the restaurant, except it’s not so hidden any longer as its breakfast food like chui chui (thick toast with honey and condensed milk) and tomato noodle soup are pretty well known.

The Sing Heung Yuen dai pai dong on Mei Lun Street. Photo credit Dakota Smith.

The Sing Heung Yuen dai pai dong on Mei Lun Street. Photo credit Dakota Smith.

Don’t Miss

The Lee Keung Kee shop on King’s Road is North Point sells the absolute best mini egg puffs in Hong Kong. Sure, it’s a little bit out of the way, but the crispy waffles are so tasty it’s worth the tram ride.

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