Street Food in Mong Kok

The first stop for street food aficionados in Hong Kong has to be the neighborhood of Mong Kok, which is the world’s densest neighborhood and one of Hong Kong’s premier entertainment districts. Street food stalls are on almost every corner, but some stand out more than others. For instance, Hong Kong-style curried fish balls are at their best at Jin Mei Wonton Noodle at 174 Fa Yuen Street.

On the other side of the Ladies Market don’t miss the small stretch of Dundas Street that’s home to Fei Jie Street Snacks and Kai Kei Street Snacks, both of which are known for smelly tofu and grilled calamari. Right next door to these places is an outlet of the famed Taiwanese bubble tea chain Gong Cha.

A perfect example of the street food fare on offer in Mong Kok.

A perfect example of the street food fare on offer in Mong Kok.

Red barbecue pork is another Mong Kok specialty that shouldn’t be missed and there are shops everywhere. Another type of shop that is on every other corner in Mong Kok is the dessert chain Hui Lau Shan. Look for the big red sign and gold lettering, as you don’t want to miss this chain’s awesome fruit desserts like the mango juice, coconut milk and sago drink!

Perhaps the highlight of Mong Kok, though, is  Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum at 2-20 Kwong Wa Street. This is the world’s smallest and cheapest Michelin-rated restaurant, as only a few people at a time can enjoy its delicious dim sum offerings and rock-bottom prices. The dim sum might be a bit different to the style of dim sum that Westerners are used to, as it’s very Hong Kong, but definitely check out the har gau and barbecue pork buns.



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