Tips for HK street food

Street food in Hong Kong goes beyond the exquisite flavours and electric atmosphere, for hongkong’ers, this is serious business.

But really, it is not like you need a guide. How do you choose where or what to eat? Follow your instincts! Whatever looks crowded is sure to be a good bet! Our unwritten rule is to find the one full of locals. Long lines and crowded tables are always a good sign…

As a general rule, there isn’t much English spoken so just point at what looks good, or whatever your neighbor is having.

Many stalls are quite organised and have picture menus and even a display of the different dishes where you can just point at what you want…

Others are simple “to go” stands, with tasty and cheap offerings like fish balls, tofu, meats on skewers, a bowl of noodles, etc. for a dollar or two, all you need to do is point, the vendors will boil/deep fry it for you on the spot.

There are also locales offering hot pot and some specialising in seafood. The seafood is always fresh, you can see the tanks right outside and pick your food.

You also find fresh produce and fruit stands which are great for a nice healthy snack or just take along some fresh fruit for later.

It’s a great chance to try different flavours, you might even find some fuits or veggies you haven’t seen or tried before.




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