Tong Chong Street Market

The market celebrates innovative culinary ideas with homegrown food and beverage brands and seasonal produce from local organic farmers, so we are excited for the stalls’ offerings and some of the more creative takes on everything food-related.

For those of us who remain unconvinced about how much of our grocery shopping can be acquired from local producers, Tong Chong Street Market makes a winning case! From artisanal bread from Levain to jasmine rice grown in the paddies of the New Territories from the Conservancy Association to fresh garlic to Hong-Kong-made soya sauce from Connoisseur to a smorgasbord of gorgeously-hued farm produce! Green papaya, roselle (hibiscus) buds, pittaya, starfruit, bok choy, French beans, white eggplant, sweet potato, bananas, pumpkin, garlic chives, corn ears, runner beans, lemons and bitter gourd- all grown right here in Hong Kong (from Yuen Long to Sai Kung and in between) and all certified organic by the Hong Kong Organic Resources Centre, our hometown’s very own organic produce label standard. We loved chatting to the farmers about recipe ideas too!

The mission of Tong Chong Street Market is to connect like-minded, emerging entrepreneurs, foodies and creative minds in promoting food sustainability.

  • EVERY SUNDAY 11AM – 5PM/ Upto JUNE 12, 2016
    TAIKOO PLACE,979 King’s Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong




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