Backpackers Paradise Jl Jaksa Jakarta

If you’re planning on visiting Jakarta then you should consider choosing between staying in either Menteng or Kemang. While Kemang has the small cafes, trendy bars and great nightlife Menteng is the old colonial suburb of the city that over time has become its new administrative centre. With some of the few green parks to be found in the city and one of the cities most exclusive shopping malls, this is a place for those with money and connections.

Located just off one of the busy backpacking favourites, Jalan Jaksa, is a nice hotel and gallery offering a simple room and comfortable double beds for Rp 350,000 (US $40) per night. This place is popular with businessmen & backpackers planning to spend a few weeks in the city.

For backpackers and budget travellers arriving in Jakarta, Jalan Jaksa is the the best option to find budget accommodation.

The jalan (street) has Losmen (basic flophouse style accommodation) and budget hotels. The cheapest ones aren’t usally bookable online so you have to get there early to find them, otherwise you can book Jalan Jaksa accommodation online.

Jalan Jaksa - Jakarta

Jalan Jaksa Minimart

The Jalan Jaksa area is a place to visit if you stay a few days in Jakarta, as the atmosphere is very special, a kind of magic cocktail between a backpacker spirit, kampung life (especially in the small gangs around the main road), and some strangers who have been living here for a long time, trying to build a new life.

Getting to Jalan Jaksa
From the Airport the cheapest way to Jalan Jaksa is the bus service which runs to Jakarta Gambir Station, the main train station of Jakarta. From the station Jalan Jaksa is about 1.5km away, which a three-wheel motorcycle taxi (bajaj) can take you.

If you are arriving in Jakarta by train, get off at Gambir and follow the directions as above, or if your trains stops at Gondangdia, then get off at this station as it is only 500 metres from there.


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