Petak Sembilan market Jakarta

Petak Sembilan is located along Jl. Kemenangan III, Glodok, Taman Sari, West Jakarta. Petak Sembilan not only gives you the pleasure through the landscape of the architecture of the old buildings of China, but at the same time can bring health to your body, since you need to walk a bit to enjoy the Petak Sembilan observing ancient chinese atmosphere.

Pasar Petak Sembilan offers a more traditional feel, displaying a wide variety of products including food, clothing items and day to day needs. Some stranger items can also be found, such as turtles which are highly sought after for use in Ceremonial Prayers. Traditional Chinese ornaments and paraphernalia also add to the interest and excitement of the market.


In the traditional market, the typical Chinese culinary delights are definitely worth a try. Gang Kalimati is a small road lined with small food stores selling a range of oriental foods and snacks. Sweets and Moon Cakes can also be purchased here, making the street a very popular spot for those in need of gifts and treats for the Lunar New Year.

I was careful at food stalls in Petak Sembilan. Most of food stalls or shops use oil or pork for cooking. If you have no reservations  on consuming food containing pork, Petak Sembilan is the paradise.


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