Public Transportation in Jakarta

For those coming to Jakarta for the first time it can be a very daunting task to work your way around the city. It can be very difficult to understand transport networks and links, route , but once you know ,it can be significantly faster and a lot cheaper than taxis.

KAI Commuter Rail
It is the fastest way to travel around Jakarta, the KAI Commuter rail is the way to go if it happens to be near you. Sure, it is crowded, but fares are cheap (from 3.500 rp).
Trains operate to a timetable, and depending on route, run close to midnight. If you happen to be travelling in the direction of Depok / Bogor, I highly recommend using trains as they are frequent and significantly faster than driving. Also, they are air-conditioned.
There are also female-only carriages at the front and end of every train, if you are concerned about personal safety. However, it is best to also check a timetable before leaving, and also be aware that trains do often run late.
E-ticket is recommended, otherwise you have to rent a ticket from the office and the queues to get your 5,000 rp back can be irritating.


The Damri service to and from the airport at around 50k a trip It goes to a wide range of destinations from the bus depot near terminal two at the airport. Destinations include Bogor, Bekasi, you name it. It is safe, has AC & Wifi and is pretty comfortable.

Transport TO/FROM Lippo Karawaci

Lippo Shuttle Bus
A little expensive but generally has a reputation of being safe, very much for the budget traveller. I would recommend it if you aren’t quite sure and are worried, but check the schedule beforehand (they do leave on time, but very low frequencies).
Services leave from Supermal, the exit closest to e-center and where the McDonalds is on the outside (not the one inside the mall).
Services from Lippo are approx 6am to 7:30pm, and towards Lippo approx 6:30 until 9:30 depending where. Check the schedule at the bus terminal, as they don’t put it online.
You are able to travel between Lippo Karawaci and:
Blok M, FX (Sudirman) & Plaza Senayan
Citraland Grogol) – GM Plaza
Citra Graha
Mangga Dua.
Fare: 25,000

Transjakarta / Busway
Transjakarta is the premium bus network that typically travels in its own dedicated lane. It is very cheap – only 3,500 rp per trip. However, you must have an e-ticket (such as Flazz, e-toll etc.) which costs 20,000 for the card plus 20,000 initial top-up, purchasable from any stop and can be reloaded.
You can only board from the dedicated stops, but it is very frequent (although crowded) and no timetable is provided. Many lines now also have 24 hour services. There are also female-only sections at the front of every bus, and every bus is air-conditioned.
A map is available here:

APTB Feeder to Busway
These buses use the Transjakarta busways within Jakarta city, and then once the busway ends, they then travel on regular roads to their destination. This is probably the most expensive form of public transport (except for private shuttles), although it is still significantly cheaper than a taxi.
If you travel these buses inside the busway network, it costs 5,000rp plus the regular fare (they are a lot less crowded). Once they leave the busway, you then have to pay a fare above 10.000 depending on which route. The last time I used them, most were still cash based fares, but some are moving to E-ticket and have a deal with Flazz at this stage.
There are generally no timetables, but run at decent frequencies within regular hours.
Generally these would apply if you live outside the Jakarta area, such as Depok, PIK, Serpong, etc.
All buses are also airconditioned.

Mayasari Bakti AC 34 Blok M – Poris (but it doesn’t go to Poris)
Big Green bus, leaves every 10 minutes so definitely the most frequent service. It actually only goes as far as Cimone so don’t bother if you are trying to go to Poris.
Travels from Blok M parallel to Transjakarta corridor 1, then along the outside of the ring road following transjakarta corridor 9 to Slipi, then it enters the tollway. Fare is 8,000 rp and beware that there are buskers and people selling things on board. Last service around 9pm.
AJA P Buses
AJA P has a number of buses to/from Jakarta, with destinations such as Grogol, Senen and Kota.
Cheaper than Mayasari Bakti AC34, and the non-air conditioned option is 4,000rp
Not as frequent (maybe 30min per route), and last services around 7pm.
Private Bus Operators (Bus Company)
There are a number of private operators such as Mayasari Bakti, Primajaya, Kopaja, etc.
Information for these can be harder to get, and generally there is no timetable either. Frequency varies as well, but a lot will wait for you if you are running to them as they get more money per people riding them.

Generally these buses are quite cheap (significantly cheaper than the APTB). However, it can take longer to get around due to no bus lanes, and drivers waiting for long periods of times to get more people.
Routes marked as AC indicate that the buses are air-conditioned. Some are not, and are generally cheaper.

These are the colourful vans that you see travelling around the city. They do have routes, and they have colours for a reason. Again, no timetable, and some run late into the night, but it can be tricky to work out the routes yourself. If you tell the driver where you want to go, I find that they will do their best to direct you in the right direction. However, there is no air-con, and they will wait for a very long time to pick up passengers, hence can take significantly longer than you expect.
Fare info is usually on a piece of paper stuck to the door, and usually would not cost more than 7.000rp.


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