Genie in the Hoi An Well.

The locals still use water from wells to cook and make tea and coffee and also cook noodles!

There are approximately 80 ancient wells in Hoi An. Though Hoi An is near the sea, the water in the local wells is fresh and plentiful even on dry days.

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There are three types of wells in Hoi An: round, square and round at the top but square at the bottom. Bricks are used to line the wells. Though they have different shapes, all of them have a wood frame at the bottom. The frame ensures the well’s durability by supporting its walls.

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Image result for hoi an well images

Next to the wells are altars worshiping Well Genie. Hoi An people believe each well has a genie to protect it.People worship the Well Genie to ensure good layers of earth in our houses. On the altar of the Well Genie, they burn incense, place lamps, and prepare fruits as at home to worship their ancestors.


Ba Le Well

Ba Le Well, the mysterious well of Hoi An

In a small alley is this famous well. It’s waters are supposed to have curing properties and the noodles are made with this well water.They are produced only here in Hoi An and nowhere else in Vietnam, in Asia or in the world! These noodles are produced by one single family. Only they have the secret recipe of Cao Lau noodles that are served here in every local restaurant.

Cau Lau, famous unique dish only to be found in Hoi An




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