Global Food Stalls @ Camden Market

I can never ignore the call of the street food stalls and to indulge in food is always one of my top priorities in travel. “Street food, I believe, is the salvation of the human race.”So proclaimed Anthony Bourdain, passionate street food advocate and consumer, at the inaugural world street food Congress in Singapore.

“Street food makes travel interesting,” Bourdain explained. “It’s very easy to travel around the world and look out the window and not know where you are. You see the same businesses. Go to the best restaurant in town in Houston, New York, or Berlin, and they’re not going to be that different. That’s not the case with street food. In Mexico, you’ll know if you’re in Puebla or Mexico City—you’ll smell, see, and taste the difference.”

I visited Camden Market only for this. Otherwise the market is very touristy. The market comprises of 4 adjoining retail areas in Camden town and is collectively known as Camden market or Camden Lock. Everthing from art, craft, trinkets, clothes, bags, tattoo shops, pubs,cafes abound.

Right in the centre of this huge market are the food stalls. As I walked through this maze where food from different countries were on offer, freshly made and lots of people waiting their turn to be served , I was spoilt for choice.

Finally I must have had about five small meals in the span of 7 hours.

Checkout some of the pics of this food paradise!











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