San Francisco’s Gay Village

No visit to San Francisco would be complete without a trip to the Castro, San Francisco’s own gay village. The main drag of the Castro runs on Castro Street from Market to 19th although the neighborhood extends a few blocks in either direction. You can tell you’re in the Castro by looking up, if there are rainbow banners lining the streets then you are in the right place.

The Castro is also the home of the Castro Theater, a popular cinema and historical monument that was built in 1922. The Theater has a resident Wurlitzer organ player who comes out about fifteen minutes before a movie starts and warms the crowd up with an eclectic mix of tunes that can range from ragtime to rock-n-roll.


Castro St. is the busiest street of The Castro, San Francisco’s LGBT-loving neighborhood and one of the first openly gay neighborhoods in the United States. This street booms during the vibrant SF Pride Parade every summer, but even when the crowds aren’t around, rainbow flags and paintings decorate the entire district.





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