Ode to a Sunset on the Great Hwy

All alongside the beach, the mighty waves roar in a constant battle against the howling winds, daring each other they were stronger and more powerful. The violence between them bellies a peaceful solace that envelops me as I stand here in awe.


At its southernmost point begins the huge stretch of Ocean Beach and it was cold and windy. Yes it can get cold along the Northern California coast. The wind was blowing the sand into a frenzy, and pretty soon I had to hood my head inside the wind cheater.It was beautiful to watch the seagulls glide thru the sky cutting the howling winds unencumbered by the sand blowing into my eye.


The sun is about to set, its dark hue turning the path into a shining golden way.

The cars were whizzing past some slowing down to take in the magnificent view.

It was late evening and with the cold seeping in, ultimately it was just me and the waves and the seabirds at Ocean Beach.




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