Try the Sambal in Lombok

Almost as big as Bali, Lombok is the completely different island right next door. Lombok means Chilli in Bahasa Indonesia and I wanted to taste this and what better way but to ask my homestay family for the Sambal.

Sambal is a hot sauce typically made from a mixture of variety of chilli peppers with secondary ingredients such as shrimp paste, fish sauce,garlic,ginger,palm sugar, lime juice, and rice vinegar.

The owner Genna showed me the traditional method of making the sambal starter paste with mortar and stone pestle. She said Sambal can be either served raw or cooked, Genna was making it today  to serve it with raw vegetables . The grounding looked intensive ,but for Genna it was an everyday thing and made easy by the slower grinding as it releases the essential oils of the spices better.

She was relentlessly pounding in a mortar and pestle that released the stinging odor causing me to cough.

sambal oelek recipe

Finally, it was ready to be served and I just touched it with my finger and tasted it.

My tounge was on fire and the cold lime juice came handy to douse the fire inside.

Felt like a party on my tongue. The salty, sour and spicy sensation left a delightful lingering sensation in my mouth.





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