Waiting out the Rains in French Market-New Orleans..

I got caught in the rain second day running in New Orleans.. Yesterday afternoon having got drenched completely, i was better prepared to take shelter.

Just as the rains started pouring down, I made a sprint from the Street Car station and was inside the French Market.

It gave me an opportunity to see the matket and meet some people.

The original market, called “the Meat Shops” or “Meat Market,” was the only place within the French Quarter that could sell meat. Only after meat was being sold elsewhere did the name change to the French Market.

Its an outdoor market that offers flea market type shopping. If you like that kind of thing there are tons of vendors offering all kinds of trinkets. A good place to pick up some souvenirs. Its worth stopping by if you are walking around the French Quarter.

Check out some of the pics taken here.. 

This Street Jazz Band playing on..

Jazz in everything from coasters to Tissue Boxes..

Eliza with her recycled aluminium art works..

Kevin Guillard with his Book written  on facing adversities..

The rains have stopped now.. let me go on…


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