Mumbai ..The City that never sleeps

South Mumbai has two personalities..Daytime Mumbai is hurried and worried.

Nighttime Mumbai is calm, relaxed and pleasant.

Sometimes it is difficult to imagine it is the same city during day and night.

 After 7pm walk on the marine drive queens necklace and start discovering mumbai. the endless chanawallas, bhelwalas and makkawallas show their art of surviving.

you try to ignore them first, then later pickup something or the other.

sit on the periphery with your legs dangling on the seaside and you enjoy the cool breeze , think what a relaxing city this is.

slowly the people start melting away and you hop on to the best bus and go to colaba.

leopold, mondy catch your fancy. you checkout the place, the people inside and walk around the building..reach baghdadi and then you see Bademiya.

you decide to sit in the place opposit the cart and order kebabs , baidaroti through the extremely busy order taker..merciffuly the order comes fast as it is just 8.30 and the place is still manageably filled.


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