Bus Transportation in Jakarta

Jakarta relies on road transporation the most though it is very congested at most times of day or night. There are no monorail or subways as on date.



Transjakarta is a Bus Rapid Transit system (BRT) in Jakarta and the world’s longest BRT routes operating across 172 km area.

For most of the route, the buses run on dedicated bus lanes closed to normal vehicles.

There are 12 active corridors:

  • Corridor 1: Kota – Blok M
  • Corridor 2: Pulo Gadung – Harmoni
  • Corridor 3: Kalideres – Pasar Barusince connected with TransJakarta-Tangerang corridor at Kalideres
  • Corridor 4: Pulo Gadung – Dukuh Atas 2
  • Corridor 5: Ancol – Kampung Melayu
  • Corridor 6: Dukuh Atas 2 – Ragunan
  • Corridor 7: Kampung Melayu – Kampung Rambutan
  • Corridor 8: Lebak Bulus – Harmoni
  • Corridor 9: Pluit – Pinang Ranti
  • Corridor 10: Tanjung Priok – PGC 2
  • Corridor 11: Kampung Melayu – Pulo Gebang
  • Corridor 12: Pluit – Tanjung Priok

Transjakarta Bus route

Transjakarta Bus stations:

TJ Bus station

TransJakarta shelters are different from ordinary bus stops. They are usually located in the middle of the road and are reached by elevated bridges. The minimum fare is Rp 3500 (USD 0.20) issued as a single paper ticket at the entrance of any of the bus stations.


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