Historical Jakarta


Built in 1961, The National Monument stands proudly in the center of the 1 square kilometer Merdeka Square, symbolizing the hard-fought struggle of the Indonesian people to gain their Independence.

Obelisk-shaped and covered in white Italian marble with a golden fire on the top, the Monument is 132 meters tall and stands on a platform which houses a museum and diorama encapsulating the history of the Republic of Indonesia.

The golden flame is 14 meters high with a 6 meter diameter. Made of bronze weighing 14.5 tons, it is covered with 50 kg of pure gold leaf. Its base is a platform at a height of 115 meters, which can be reached by elevator and is a perfect look-out place to see the Jakarta skyline.

On Sundays, the area becomes an open park where Jakarta’s inhabitants are free to bike, jog and play games.

New Year’s eve is celebrated at The Monument and becomes a sea of humanity.


Masjid Istiqlal (Istiqlal Mosque) is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia..


Just opposite Istiqlal Mosque stands a fine  Gothic Revival style Jakarta Cathedral,the Gereja Katedral Jakarta. The historic Roman Catholic Cathedral is the seat of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Jakarta.


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